Monday, May 23, 2016

#39 Remote

What is up? Everything is going pretty good. We had a good week this
week.  We actually didn't have a lot of time to work this week. First
of all, Elder Mugleston had some dentist appointments on the opposite
side of the mission. That was fun even though it took up most of our
day. We also had zone meeting and interviews with president. It was
all awesome. It is always really good to talk to president. We talked
a lot about how we can help the branch and the area grow.

The new area is still a big learning process. We are trying to drive
less which takes a lot more careful planning but it's ok. Our
investigators are doing alright. The two investigators we have with a
baptismal date we think are avoiding us so that's not good. We should
be seeing them this week so that should be good. The weather has been
pretty crappy this week. It was wet and cold. Oh well I guess haha.

I still can't believe that school is about over. That is insane! It's
been a long time since I left haha. Haha that's awesome you guys are
going to Las Vegas. It reminded me that Sister Pederson went and saw
the Jacksons on Saturday and got to meet them! Haha it was funny she
was soooo excited! Haha.

Anyways, I don't really know what we are doing today but hopefully we
do something fun. This week should be a good week since we don't have
too many meetings and stuff. But yeah have a great week. Love you
guys. Bye!

Elder Navarro