Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Father's Day


This week has been pretty relaxed actually. There wasn't too much
going on. We had another movie night with the youth which went a lot
better than the last one. There was a lot more people that showed up,
and someone actually brought a nonmember friend. It was cool. We ended
up watching meet the Mormons. I'm pretty sick of that movie now. I
already didn't like it too much before, but now I have just seen it
too many times.

We are trying to keep as busy as possible. We do a lot of lessons with
members trying to get referrals. That is what most of our days consist
of. For some reason, people like playing chess around here. We have
played a bunch of chess games at the library with random people. It's
pretty fun. I have yet to win though which is a little frustrating.

It is really weird that President Ballard is going home next week. It
doesn't feel like it. It's funny though because he asked us to start
praying for the new president already. It's even weirder that I'm
going into my last transfer here pretty soon haha. I'm excited though.
Here in a little bit, I do have to start the going home program. I
actually hate it. I have gone through multiple times with companions
that have gone home. Oh well. I'll do it anyways.

It's crazy that Zade and Thomas are home already. I can't wait to see
all them. Glad to hear things are going well! Have fun! Love you! Bye!

Elder Navarro