Monday, May 8, 2017

Skype Week

Hey family!

This week has been great and I did start it by having cake shoved deep
into my nose. That was actually really fun! I have seen people do that
throughout my whole mission, but I have never done it myself. I didn't
really want to do it, but everyone made me. It was really great

We got to go to the temple this week with our zone which was really
cool! It's actually been quite a while since the last time we got to
go to the temple to do a session. Also, the finding did go better this
week. We found this Muslim guy that was a little confused haha. At the
beginning of the lesson, he told us he knew that the Book of Mormon
was for sure true. Then when we told him that there was a living
prophet, he told us the Book of Mormon was probably only 40% true, but
that the Koran was only 70% true. By the end, he said that if it was
from Jesus, it had to be true. Haha he was an interesting guy.

For the whole time I have been in this branch, we have never had a
branch mission leader, but we got one this last week! Woohoo! It has
been so great already. It has been really hard to work with the branch
without a mission leader, and it has already improved since we got
one. He really wants us to work hard with the members, so that is

I can't believe the Pederson's spent the night with you guys. That's
crazy! It's like my home world and my mission world is clashing haha.
For pday, we are probably going to go on a hike with some other
missions. Our zone is getting together and playing some games, but we
are too good for that, so we are ditching.

Honestly, I probably won't be able to skype until later in the day. We
have meetings in the morning. Then, church starts at 1, and we will
probably have dinner around 5. It would probably be closer to 6 or
630. Hope that works for you! I'm excited to talk to you guys! Have a
fantastic week! Talk to ya Sunday! :)

Elder Navarro