Monday, December 28, 2015


What up?

Yes, I will be getting a new companion today. I'm pretty excited. I
think it will be fun. I've only talked to him a couple of times but he
seems pretty cool. I'm sad that Elder Keith is leaving but it's all
good. We have been together for a long time. Of course you already
stalked him on Facebook haha. It was awesome seeing everyone. I'm glad
they were all there.

The rest of the day, we kinda just hung out at the church. Elder
Anderson couldn't call home until 5 so we just waited at the church
with them which was still pretty fun! Then, we went to dinner which
was alright. It kinda sucked because there were twenty people at their
house. The house was huge so there was a lot of room everyone but they
were all family so we felt a little out of place!

Hey, we switch to 9 o'clock church next week too! It is way better now
because I can take a lunchtime nap on Sunday's now! That is so awesome
that Nate gets to serve. That is so exciting! When does he go? What is
different about that mission than a normal one?

This week, nothing too crazy is happening. We can't work again on New
Years but that's really it. A lot of people in our district are
getting transferred. Sister Wynn is getting transferred. Our district
leader is getting transferred. Then, Elder Cepeda is getting
transferred down south too. :( he is going to be the Spanish Training
Leader in the south. I was hoping he would be the STL up here so we
could go on exchanges.

I'll probably just keep the Christmas tree at least until I get
transferred then I will figure out what to do with it.

Yeah it was awesome face Timing! I had fun! And Mother's Day isn't
even that long away! I'm excited for this transfer. We are going to
get some good work done. Love you all! Bye!

Elder Navarro

Monday, December 21, 2015


Hola! Feliz Navidad!

What's up? How is everything going? Is everyone excited for Christmas
this week? I know everyone here in the OPM is super excited. We have
had a pretty awesome week here. On Tuesday, we had the chance to go to
the temple! It was a lot of fun! The Portland Temple is definitely
very beautiful!

Then on Wednesday, we performed at the Temple Visitors Center. That
was an interesting experience. We only practiced for it twice and they
decided to change a bunch of stuff right before we performed. I don't
think any of us understood what was going on haha. It was still a lot
of fun! I enjoyed it a lot!

Then on Friday, we had our mission Christmas party! That was a lot of
fun! It was cool to have our whole mission in one place. There was a
talent show where a lot of different elders and sisters sang and
played instruments. Also, there was a devotional afterwards and that
was the best! Sister Ballard gave an amazing talk on Angels. She
talked about how we have angels watching over us on this side of the
veil and the other. Then President Ballard gave an awesome talk on
Christmas. He shared some of his Christmas experiences with Elder
Ballard when he was younger. He told us that when he was on his
mission in Japan and he got to call home on Christmas, he called Elder
Ballard and Elder Ballard said, "Good work! Keep working hard and we
love you." And then he hung up! That's all he said to him. Anyways, I
hope everyone has a great Christmas and remember why we celebrate!

Elder Navarro

Monday, December 14, 2015


Hello everyone!

How has your week been? Mine has been pretty amazing. On Tuesday, we
had a mission tour with Elder Arnold of the seventy. He was amazing.
He talked a lot about the importance of us working with members. He
also told us how we need to work with members. He really focused on
the importance of members in the conversion of our investigators. They
are essential. It was a fantastic meeting.

On Wednesday, we went to the baptism of Doris and Camilo. They are an
amazing couple with a super strong testimony of the gospel. Even
better, guess how they were found? A member! They are a friend of
someone in the Spanish ward in Hilsboro. It is awesome because they
are the first addition to our group since I've been here. It's great.
We have really focused a lot this week on getting members to invite
their friends to activities and share the gospel with their family and
friends. I have yet to find a new investigator by knocking on doors so
hopefully the members can help us out a little.

Other than that, not a lot is going on here in Portland. We are going
to be working really hard these last two weeks of the transfer. We get
to go to the temple tomorrow which is super exciting. We also have our
mission Christmas party on Friday. That is going to be incredible! I
can't wait. Christmas is getting really close. It is super exciting.

Elder Navarro

Monday, December 7, 2015



How is everyone doing this fine December morning? I'm doing pretty
awesome! This week has been super busy. We have been helping set up
for the festival of nativities all week. It was so beautiful. I think
we did a pretty good job. It also went really well. We had some
investigators come which was super cool. There were different choirs
singing the whole weekend which was amazing.

We were also able to set a baptismal date this week. Woohoo! It was
with this guy named Edgar. He is a photographer and is booked every
weekend this month, so we couldn't set the date until January, but it
is still super cool! He really wants to be closer to God in his life.
He wants his kids to be able to fight the temptations that are in our
world today and he knows that he can help them through the church.
When we read the Book of Mormon with him for the first time, the first
thing he asked is how do I teach this to my kids? It was amazing.

Also, this week we went to this tree lighting at the library. We were
leaving when this lady asked us to take a picture of her and her son.
We got talking to her and invited her to watch the new Christmas
video. We asked if we could come over and talk more but she said that
all she needs is for us to keep her in our prayers. Then on Saturday,
we went to the nativities and she was there! We didn't even invite her
to it. We went and talked to her and she said she saw it online and
thought of us so she decided to come. It was definitely a miracle. We
talked to her again and said maybe sometime in the future we could
come over. It was awesome!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great week this week. I love all of you! Bye!

Elder Navarro

Monday, November 30, 2015



How's it going? Everything is going pretty good here in Portland.
Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. We didn't really do a whole lot of work
because they told us not to go knocking on doors so during the day we
went to a park and just hung out with Elder Cepeda and Elder Anderson.
It was pretty fun. Then at 3 we went to a members house for dinner. It
was awesome. There were four other elders there too so in total there
were 16 people at our thanksgiving dinner. It was a lot of fun. After
dinner we played some games with them. We stayed there until 9 and
then we just went home! It was an amazing day!

On Friday we fasted in order to find new people to teach so we went
finding all day on Saturday. We didn't find a single person that day
which was a little frustrating. We knocked on so many different doors.
People either weren't home or not interested. I'll just say it was a
long day.

We have been waiting to see if our group is going to be made a branch.
The application was supposed to be submitted a couple months ago. We
found out yesterday that it hasn't even been submitted due to the
application getting lost or something like that. We were not to happy
about that since we have been waiting for a long time to know. I guess
we can wait a little bit longer.

Other than that, everything is going pretty good. We are all really
excited for Christmas. If you haven't seen the new Christmas video go
watch it. It is always good to be reminded of why we celebrate
Christmas. Anyways I hope everyone is having a great week and I will
talk to you all later!

Elder Navarro

Monday, November 23, 2015


Hello hello,

Yes! Happy Thanksgiving! How's it going? We do have plans for
thanksgiving. We are going to the Chandlers house with a few other
missionaries. It should be super fun!! We are all super excited for
the holidays.

Most of our investigators
have dropped us this week. So we aren't really teaching we are just
working on finding. It's terrible. The only solid investigator we have
is Irlinda. She wants to get baptized but she is living with her
husband/boyfriend. They have been together for like 23 years but they
aren't married. Her boyfriend just left for Peru for a minimum of six
months so we are hoping she can get baptized while he is gone.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that Elder Keith and I had to speak in
sacrament meeting yesterday. It was terrible. Our group leader called
and said that he forgot if he assigned anyone to speak so we just said
we would do it. I had no idea what I was even saying the whole time.
Haha I think it was good though

Anyways, if I don't have wifi later I hope you guys have a great
thanksgiving. Adios!

Elder Navarro

Monday, November 16, 2015


How are you doing? This week has been pretty crazy. Today is transfer
day and like all of our friends are getting transferred out. Elder Richardson is going
home and then Elder Thatcher is going to Hillsboro. Boo! .

Also, we dropped Vanessa and Salvador this week. It was pretty sad but
it had to be done. We went over the other night and they said they are
getting married, but Salvador doesn't want to get baptized anymore. We
tried to tell him why it's so important but he is really scared of the
commitment. We did all we could but that's just the way agency goes
sometimes. We are still going over to their apartment this weekend to
help paint their apartment.

We did volunteer at a 5k which was super fun. All we did was cheer for the
runners and tell cars that they couldn't go on the road. Some people
were not happy with that and started swearing but whatever. Haha.

Elder Navarro

Monday, November 9, 2015


Hello everyone,

How has everything been going? This has been a pretty crazy week here
in Portland. We had our zone meeting this week. It was really good. We
talked a lot about the spirit and how much guidance and direction we
receive from the Holy Ghost. It is so important to be worthy at all
times for that guidance at all times.

So Vanessa and Salvador are actually getting married now. They are
just working on setting a date for their wedding and then Salvador
will finally be able to get baptized. Vanessa still has a little ways
to go but she will get there. I have really seen the strength of both
of their testimonies this week. It's too bad they are moving in a
couple weeks outside of the mission. I'm really going to miss them a

I have recently learned the importance of member missionary work. We
were talking with our stake president this last week about the role of
the members in the wards. He said that our job as missionaries is
really to teach people. The role of the members is to find people for
us to teach. Elder Robert D. Hales has said, "Conversion requires
consecrating our lives to caring for and serving others who need our
help and to sharing our gifts and talents. The Lord didn’t say tend my
sheep when it is convenient, watch my sheep when you aren’t busy. He
said feed my sheep and my lambs; help them survive this world, keep
them close to you. Lead them to safety--the safety of righteous
choices that will prepare them for eternal life." Everyone can have
that eternal life. I know you all have friends that aren't members of
the church but you still love them. I challenge everyone to share that
love with one person this week. Help them on their path to eternal
life. Share with them why the gospel makes you so happy in your life.
I can testify that if you are sincere and show your love for them that
they will listen. This really is our duty as members of the church to
share with others the happiness and joy that we have. I hope everyone
has a great week! I pray for all of your success in sharing the
gospel! Adios!

Elder Navarro

Monday, November 2, 2015



How is everyone doing? How has your weeks been? Mine has been pretty
fantastic! We have been doing a lot of finding this week. There are a
lot of people in our area book who we haven't visited in a long time
so we tried to visit a lot of those people. It has been hard though
because it seems like no one is ever home. We are really trying to
find new people to teach. We did find this one couple that are really
cool! Their names are Edgar and Maria and they are super interested.
They had a lot of questions about Joseph Smith and why our church is
different than all the others. It was super cool talking to them. We
visit them again on Saturday so I am excited for that.

We also visited Vanessa and Salvador the other night but Salvador
wasn't home. We got to talk to Vanessa though. She said that she is
going to tell him yes! We are super excited! We go over tonight so
hopefully she has already done it. Hopefully she has so that they can
get baptized.

Halloween was also pretty awesome. We went to this cemetery and raked
leaves there. It was awesome especially on Halloween. We also helped
with a Halloween party at an old folks home. We helped run some of the
games they were playing. It was pretty fun. The old people are really

Anyways, I have had the chance to really study and ponder the Book of
Mormon this week. How lucky we are to have the guidance and council
that the Book of Mormon has for each of our lives individually. It may
seem confusing and hard to read at times, but if you seek the help of
the Spirit to help and guide, it becomes much easier and more
uplifting. I invite everyone to take time to read the Book of Mormon
and really apply the things that you read! It will bring many
blessings and joy into your lives! I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Navarro

Fun time after a service project

Monday, October 26, 2015



This week has been a pretty awesome week. On Friday, we set up this
awesome dinner date for Vanessa and Salvador. We put lights up in the
relief society room and made it look all nice. We made these awesome
steaks and potatoes too. It was so great. The best part is that
Salvador proposed to Vanessa. The only bad part is that he told her
not to answer and she could think about it. It was a little
frustrating, but they are awesome and we like them a lot. We went by
their apartment last night and told them we need an answer by this
Thursday or we can't keep visiting them. It's hard because we like
them and want to help them but there is not much we can do since they
are not married.

Anyways, we also had a trunk or treat the other night and it was so
fun! Our trunk was the best trunk in the whole ward. We had all these
scary decorations and the best part was that we bought dry ice, so
there was like smoke coming out of the back of our car. It was
amazing. We have another trunk or treat this week which should be just
as good.

I think I am really starting to gain a love for all the people here in
Portland. I really have the desire to help them. It is awesome. I just
want them all to find the joys of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is
something I wish I had before I left. I think back on all the people
from school and various other places that really could've benefited
from this gospel. I know how hard it can be to share the gospel with
friends, but I now know more fully the blessings that come from living
the gospel. Don't be afraid to share the things that make you happy
because I know that this gospel can help everyone. Thank you everyone
for your support and love! Have a great week this week! Adios!

Elder Navarro

Monday, October 19, 2015


Hello again everybody!

We have had a pretty great week this week. It is really nice to
actually be a little settled in here. It's starting to actually feel
like home and I don't think that is because I am not too far from
home. Anyways, this week we have been pretty busy. We have been
visiting this couple named Vanessa and Salvador who have two kids and
want to be baptized. The only problem is that they are not married and
they are not sure if they want to get married right now. I think we
have convinced Salvador to propose this week though. We are setting up
a super nice dinner date for them this week and Salvador said he would
propose there! Haha it should be really fun.

Every week, we go to this senior home and play board games with them
for service. It is a lot of fun. This week, though, this lady brought
in her pet alligator named Seymour and I got to hold him! It was
pretty much the coolest thing ever!

I also had the opportunity to go on an exchange with our district
leader, Elder Norris. It was a lot of fun except I learned how rude
the white people are. We got a few doors slammed in our faces haha. I
though it was pretty funny. The Hispanics don't usually slam the door,
they just respectfully say they are not interested! Thank goodness I'm
not an English missionary haha just kidding. The English missionaries
are super cool. There is also a chance that I get changed to an
English missionary at some point during my mission. It happens to
quite a few Spanish elders but we will see.

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing good. Have a great week! Don't
forget to read your scriptures this week! Adios!

Elder Navarro

Monday, October 12, 2015


Sounds like things are going really well down in Idaho.

Anyways, things are going pretty great here even though this week has been crazy. We haven't had too much time to teach a lot of lessons because we have had a lot of new missionary meetings and training stuff to do, but we did teach a little bit. Something that is really hard here is learning Spanish. We barely speak any Spanish at all. Since there are no Spanish districts or zones everything is combined with the English which makes it hard because all of our meetings and stuff are in English. We have only really taught one lesson that has been in only Spanish.

Not too many crazy things have happened here so far. I am still waiting to get my ipad though. I finished the online course on Thursday and I still haven't gotten it. Rumor has it though that I will get it today but I don't know. It has been kinda hard not to have it since pretty much everything is on them like our agenda, the area book, and everything else we could need.

The dinners have been awesome so far. The members really feed us good. We are in the Beaverton ward so we eat with white people which is nice but not nice for learning Spanish. In our ward there is just a Spanish group that meets in the relief society room. It is tiny! There are four missionaries that are part of the group and then yesterday there were like 7 or 8 other people in it. It was definitely a new experience. We are working on getting it bigger but the work is pretty hard here especially for us Spanish missionaries. It is really hard to find Hispanics around here. It is definitely a lot of fun though. The days go by way faster here than they did in the MTC. I think it is because we aren't sitting in classes all day everyday and we are actually doing something haha.

But things are really great here. I am really liking the area. Today we are going to downtown with some other missionaries to salt and straw ice cream. I have heard good things about it so I am pretty excited. Also, I am going on exchanges with our district leader, Elder Norris, on Wednesday which should be pretty fun. Im a little scared to teach the "mean" white people as people say, but it should be fun. When I get my ipad I will be able to email all day as long as I have wifi so if I get that sometime today, I will probably email again. Also I will be able to read emails throughout the week so don't be afraid to email if something cool happens. Well, I hope you guys have a good week this week. I love you and keep me updated. Time to go get a haircut!



Monday, October 5, 2015


Hello friends and family,

This week has already probably been the craziest week of my mission so far. Yesterday, we had to get up at 1 in the morning to catch a bus that took us to the airport. Our flight wasn't until 630 so we had to wait for quite a while at the airport. Then, we flew to Dallas and had a two hour layover there. Then, we flew to Portland and got there at about 3pm.

When we got to Portland we were picked up and headed over to the stake center where the transfer meeting was being held. On the way, we got to stop by the temple and go through the visitors center. We didn't get to go inside or anything but it was definitely nice to see. Then, we headed over to the stake center. We got to meet all the other new missionaries that had already been there since yesterday morning because they went to the Provo MTC. Elder White and I were the only ones that had gone to Mexico. Then, President Ballard put us with our trainers. My companion's name is Elder Keith. He has been out for almost ten months. He is really cool and I think we are going to get along pretty well.

I am going to be getting an ipad pretty soon which will be super cool. I just have to take an online class before I can get it. I will also be on facebook here pretty soon which I am excited for.

Anyways, it has been weird to be out in the open world and not be surrounded by other missionaries 24/7. It has been such a cool experience to be out in the field so far. The mission is starting to feel so real and I have already felt that we are doing the Lord's work out here in Portland. I know I haven't really done a whole lot since I only got here yesterday, but it has been a real blessing to get to know the people that I have already met so far. Have a good week everyone! I love you all and I will talk to you later!

Elder Navarro
Me and Elder White

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Well it is almost time to leave the CCM. We only have about 4 days remaining here until we are out in the field. It is almost unreal. The time has really gone by. It still feels like we just got here. I am really excited to be able to get to Portland though.

This week has been pretty much like all the rest. We study, go to class, eat, and sleep. That is pretty much what our daily schedule looks like. We have our last night of class tonight which is awesome. Tomorrow, we have in field orientation all day which is just like a bunch of meetings and stuff. To be honest, I am not too excited for that. Then this weekend, we are just watching general conference which everyone is really excited for.
We also just got back from the temple which was way awesome. We had the opportunity to do a session at the Mexico City temple. That temple is really big too. The temple is such a nice place to go. It is a place where you can feel truly peaceful. There are no outside worries or temptations. I would encourage everyone to try to go to the temple this week if you can.
Spanish is coming along pretty good. I always feel confident when we are talking to our teachers because they talk slow but then when we try to talk to some of the natives, they talk super fast. Also, they usually laugh when we start talking to them haha. It is especially annoying because a lot of them think I am a native too haha.
Anyways, our time here at the MTC is coming to a close. The next time I email, I will be in Portland. I hope everyone is doing good. Have a fantastic week this week!

Elder Navarro

District 15C at our temple trip today!


Thursday, September 24, 2015


Hola familia y amigos!
Things are still going pretty great here in Mexico. We haven't really been doing a whole lot out of the ordinary. All we have been doing is studying and going to classes which is really good, but a lot of the people in my district are kind of getting tired of doing the same things everyday. We have been doing stuff to keep things interesting.
So here at the CCM there are 3 life size cardboard cutouts of Jesus. They used to sell them at the tienda, but only three remain now. This week, we finally got one of them. We have been trying to get one since day one here, but we have never been succesful in stealing one. The other night, we broke into four different houses until we finally found one. It is awesome! We now have it hidden in our house, but people know that we have it. Some districts have gotten into our house but we have it hidden too well. That has really kept this place fun and interesting for us.
Other than that, we have still been teaching Ricardo and Lupita. We are trying to prepare them both for baptism, but it is getting increasingly more difficult. We have gotten into lessons that we have never taught before like the law of chastity. That has been pretty fun to prepare for. I have really seen the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lessons. The Spirit really does guide you in everything. When the spirit is felt during a lesson, you know that you are not the one that is teaching.
We had to say goodbye to one of the district 15A which was in our zone and that was pretty sad. They were some of our best friends here. We always hung out with them, but it just makes me more excited for when it is time for us to leave. We are almost there. In two days, it will be a month since I have been out and in a little over a week until I head back to the states to serve the people in Oregon. I can't even express how excited I am for that. Anyways, I hope everyone is doing goo and I love you all!

Elder Navarro


Thursday, September 17, 2015


Only a little more than 2 weeks left here at the CCM which is crazy to think about. I'm super excited but a little scared at the same time. Spanish is killer. It is definitely a difficult task learning a new language, but also brings many blessings. This week has been a great one.
On Saturday night we had the Mexico City Mexico cultural celebration for the re-dedication. That was super fun to watch. It was like a play which was super cool. It was like watching a movie haha. The main dude in it came to the CCM the other day and all the missionaries acted like he was some celebrity. It was pretty funny. Then on Sunday morning, we got to watch the actual dedication of the temple. It was awesome. President Eyring and Elder Holland spoke. It made me really excited for general conference in October. We are so blessed to live in a time with a Prophet of God.
Anyways, today we got to actually go to the temple. It was really nice to get outside of the wall for a little while. It was like entering back in the real world for a few hours. We didn't get to go to a session sadly. There are just too many of us for everyone to go so only few randomly selected districts got to go and mine wasnt one of them. We did however get to go to the visitors center. That place was super nice. We didnt have a lot of time there but it was way cool.
I don't really remember if I talked about it last week, but we are still teaching Ricardo and Lupita who are our teachers. That is going really well so far. We taught Ricardo the gospel of Jesus Christ the other day which was really good. He recorded that lesson too which was pretty scary. It is really nice to get feedback right after we finish teaching. We immediately get to know what we did good and what we need to improve on.
Other than that, things are going pretty awesome here in Mexico. On Tuesday night, it was independence day for Mexico. That was pretty crazy. We had to be in our houses by 9 30 because apparently people like to shoot their guns in the air haha. They said they have found bullets in the roofs of some of the houses haha but there were fireworks and music playing all night. That was a lot of fun until we wanted to go to sleep. Its safe to say that wasnt the best night of sleep I have ever had haha.

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing alright. Keep me updated.
Elder Navarro
Me and Elder White

Mexico Temple

Temple selfie

Thursday, September 10, 2015


It´s crazy to me to think that we are already into week 3 here at the CCM. Eveything is going pretty great here. The days are long, but the weeks are short.

We have been pretty busy this past week. We finished teaching our first investigator last week which was a really good experience. We have been upgraded to two investigators now which has been fun to prepare for. Our first investigator´s name is Ricardo. He is actually one of our morning teachers, so it has been pretty weird to be teaching him right after he gets done teaching us. It´s been really good though. We have really learned to find the needs of the investigator. We teach Lupita for the first time tonight. She is our night teacher. I´m pretty excited to do that.

We also had the opportunity to do TRC(Teach Recent Converts) yesterday which was a really good experience. It was scary though because there are cameras in the rooms that we teach them and our district gets to watch as we teach these people. The first lady we taught was named Jazmine. She has been a member of the church for three years now and wants to serve a mission except her madre doesn´t want her to go. I just shared how when Brandon left on his mission how much our family was blessed because of his willingness to serve the Lord. Then, we had her read a scripture and she just broke down into tears. It really hit me that we are really going to be changing people´s live´s on our missions. She pretty much spent the rest of the time thanking us for our service. It was really cool and uplifting.

All the elders in my district got a cool calling this week. We got the opportunity to be Usher´s at all the devotionals, videos, classes, and anything else that goes on in the auditorium. All we really do is greet people as they come in and out of the auditorium. We are pretty much famous here at the CCM now. Even the natives know who we are haha.

This weekend is going to be pretty great as well. The Mexico City temple is going to be dedicated this weekend. We get to watch a broadcast of the cultural celebration on Saturday night. Then on Sunday, we get to watch the broadcast of the dedication. Everyone is super excited to participate in it this weekend.

Anyways everything is going really great down her in Mexico City. Although, I do miss the States a lot. Mostly just for the food in the US. Other than that, I´m having a blast. This really is the work of the lord. Keep me updated! Love you all!

Elder Navarro
​This is our district with our morning teacher Hermano Palma AKA Ricardo AKA The most energetic hyper little guy ever AKA the Napolean of Mexico. He says he is going to take over the United States. haha

We also had the brilliant idea of making a mega bed in our room. It is probably the greatest idea we have ever had.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Hola to friends and family,

This has probably been one of the craziest and most edifying weeks of my entire life. So much has happened, I don´t even know where to start.

I guess I will start with my companion. His name is Elder White and he is from Nephi, Utah. FYI 90 percent of people here are from Utah. But we get along really well. It has been a real blessing to have such a good companion here at the MTC. I have really enjoyed meeting so many new people and making so many new friends.

Everyone here lives in either a casa or the dorms. Luckily we got to have our own casa. In every casa there is about 16 to 20 people. Every room in the casa has 4 elders. The elders in my room have gotten really close in this past week. We do pretty much everything together. In our district, there are 6 elders and 4 hermanas. I think we have the best district at the MTC. We all get along really well and have a lot of fun together.

Now onto the food. Most of the food here is pretty decent. I never thought I would say this, but I have never craved costco pizza so much in my life. For those that don´t know, I have never really been a big fan of costco pizza, but every tuesday here we get costco pizza. It is definitely one of the best meals here. Everyone gets super excited when it is pizza day. Other than that, the food is pretty good. The first couple days, all the Mexican food can really make you spend a lot of time en el baƱo if you know what I mean.

Spanish has really been coming along in this past week. I can understand a lot of what people are saying, but speaking is definitely the hard part. It was funny though because a lot of the natives see Elder Navarro and just assume I am also a native. I have gotten pretty good at telling them I am from the states.

Elder White and I have had the opportunity to teach our first investigator named Alejandra. The first time we went was pretty much a trainwreck since it was our second day here and we spoke almost no Spanish. We have taught her about four times now, and we have gotten her to commit to be baptized somehow. Half the time I don´t even know what She or I is saying, but I guess it just shows the truthfulness of the gift of tongues. It has been super uplifting too. We feel the spirit so strong in the room that we teach her in. Tonight is our last night teaching Alejandra which is kinda sad, but rumor has it that she is going to become one of our teachers. That should definitely be interesting.

Anyways, things are going really well here at the CCM. I am learning lots and having fun while doing. I know this is the work of the Lord and that we are going to change lives. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that the Atonement is real. Until next week,

The better of the 2 Elder Navarros

P.S. If you are really feeling the love, go to ore something like that. Just google it. :)

Me and my companion Elder White

Our Casa

This is what our room looks like 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Very first email from MTC

Your Missionary's mailing addres is:
[Elder Navarro]
[05/10/2015] [Branch 15 - District C]
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

The estimated departure date for your missionary is [Departure Date]. The use of the
above address on all correspondence will greatly faciliate delivery to your missionary
at the MTC. Please don't send packages.

Hello parents, the trip here was really good. There was a lot of missionaries on our flight from Salt Lake. There was only 2 other sisters on my flight from Boise. I haven't gotten to meet my companion yet. All i know is his name is Elder White. Other than that, things are pretty good. We just had dinner and it was alright. I don't have a lot of time, but my p-day is on Thursday so I won't be e-mailing until next Thursday since we don't get p-day the first week. Anyways, love you guys. Have fun and I'll talk to you next week. 

Hi Ho Hi Ho we're off to Mexico!

7:56 Delta flight to Mexico today with layover in SLC. Mexico Missionary Training Center