Monday, November 9, 2015


Hello everyone,

How has everything been going? This has been a pretty crazy week here
in Portland. We had our zone meeting this week. It was really good. We
talked a lot about the spirit and how much guidance and direction we
receive from the Holy Ghost. It is so important to be worthy at all
times for that guidance at all times.

So Vanessa and Salvador are actually getting married now. They are
just working on setting a date for their wedding and then Salvador
will finally be able to get baptized. Vanessa still has a little ways
to go but she will get there. I have really seen the strength of both
of their testimonies this week. It's too bad they are moving in a
couple weeks outside of the mission. I'm really going to miss them a

I have recently learned the importance of member missionary work. We
were talking with our stake president this last week about the role of
the members in the wards. He said that our job as missionaries is
really to teach people. The role of the members is to find people for
us to teach. Elder Robert D. Hales has said, "Conversion requires
consecrating our lives to caring for and serving others who need our
help and to sharing our gifts and talents. The Lord didn’t say tend my
sheep when it is convenient, watch my sheep when you aren’t busy. He
said feed my sheep and my lambs; help them survive this world, keep
them close to you. Lead them to safety--the safety of righteous
choices that will prepare them for eternal life." Everyone can have
that eternal life. I know you all have friends that aren't members of
the church but you still love them. I challenge everyone to share that
love with one person this week. Help them on their path to eternal
life. Share with them why the gospel makes you so happy in your life.
I can testify that if you are sincere and show your love for them that
they will listen. This really is our duty as members of the church to
share with others the happiness and joy that we have. I hope everyone
has a great week! I pray for all of your success in sharing the
gospel! Adios!

Elder Navarro

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