Monday, November 2, 2015



How is everyone doing? How has your weeks been? Mine has been pretty
fantastic! We have been doing a lot of finding this week. There are a
lot of people in our area book who we haven't visited in a long time
so we tried to visit a lot of those people. It has been hard though
because it seems like no one is ever home. We are really trying to
find new people to teach. We did find this one couple that are really
cool! Their names are Edgar and Maria and they are super interested.
They had a lot of questions about Joseph Smith and why our church is
different than all the others. It was super cool talking to them. We
visit them again on Saturday so I am excited for that.

We also visited Vanessa and Salvador the other night but Salvador
wasn't home. We got to talk to Vanessa though. She said that she is
going to tell him yes! We are super excited! We go over tonight so
hopefully she has already done it. Hopefully she has so that they can
get baptized.

Halloween was also pretty awesome. We went to this cemetery and raked
leaves there. It was awesome especially on Halloween. We also helped
with a Halloween party at an old folks home. We helped run some of the
games they were playing. It was pretty fun. The old people are really

Anyways, I have had the chance to really study and ponder the Book of
Mormon this week. How lucky we are to have the guidance and council
that the Book of Mormon has for each of our lives individually. It may
seem confusing and hard to read at times, but if you seek the help of
the Spirit to help and guide, it becomes much easier and more
uplifting. I invite everyone to take time to read the Book of Mormon
and really apply the things that you read! It will bring many
blessings and joy into your lives! I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Navarro

Fun time after a service project

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