Monday, August 15, 2016

#51 Arm

What's up.

We are doing well this week. Yes my arms are doing a lot better. I can
move them again. It only lasted for like three days. It just sucked
really bad for those three days. I don't know exactly what happened
but the nurse said I probably just pulled something and it would go
away in a couple days which it did. Elder Acosta failed his test
again. Haha I'm the worst teacher. He barely even made it out of the
dmv parking lot before they told him to come back. Haha

We didn't do a whole lot this week actually. We just did a lot of
tracting. We did run into Roxana and her kids. I don't know if you
remember Lupe and Jerry. Haha I took a video so I will send that. They
are doing really good though. They have been going to church which is
awesome. It was really nice to talk to them again.

We also did this service this week for some lady in the middle of
nowhere. She wanted help cleaning out this shed in her backyard. We do
stuff like this all the time but this time was a lot different because
this lady was just rude. She appreciated what we were doing but didn't
appreciate the way we were doing it. She would get mad because we
didn't do exactly what she said the first time. I eventually got sick
of it and told her that we love and want to help you but it is hard
when you are rude about it. Haha that shut her up. Then, she suddenly
became so grateful for what we were doing. It was pretty funny.

Nothing too crazy happened this week. Natalia didn't come to church
yesterday. She slept in. Ugh so annoying. Just wake up lady. She
really wants to learn but she just needs to start doing a little bit
more. We are going to have some real talk with her this week. Today we
are going to play volleyball with the zone... outside. It's way too
hot for that but whatever. Haha anyways, Love you and talk to you
later! :)

Elder Navarro

Monday, August 8, 2016

#50 Fear

Good Morning!

It's August 8th and I'm wearing a jacket. It doesn't get much better
than this! This week has been a good but a struggle. First of all, we
had a really good lesson with Natalia on Saturday, and she told us she
was going to come to church. Then come Sunday, she wasn't there. What
the heck? This is the second week in a row she has bailed on us. We
have a lesson with her on Tuesday, so hopefully we can figure out what
is going on. It has been a slow process, but I do believe that she
will get baptized in the future. It's just going to take some time.

I'm thinking about becoming a certified driving instructor when I go
home. Not really, but I should because I'm getting a lot of practice.
Elder Acosta takes his driving test this Thursday. He really wants to
practice beforehand, so we go to the church almost every night to
practice. Let's just say, one of our tires is a little low on air
because of some intense parallel parking practice. It has been a fun

I have learned a lot about happiness on my mission. It is something
that everyone has in common. Everyone is on their own search for
happiness, and we all have different things that make us happy. There
is only one thing that makes everyone happy. That thing is the Gospel
of Jesus Christ. Every person on this earth regardless of differences
can feel of that indescribable joy that comes from the power of the
Atonement. As you feel of that joy throughout this week, share it with
someone else, so we can help others arrive at the happiness that they
seek. I love you! :)

Elder Navarro

Monday, August 1, 2016

#49 Feather

Hola! ¿Cómo están?

Time is such an interesting thing here in the mission. My whole
perception of time has completely changed since I have been here in
Oregon. The days can be long at times, but the weeks, months, and
transfers go so fast it is incredible. It's crazy to me to think that
another transfer is ending. I am staying here in the Beaverton West
area, but I am getting a new companion who is not really new to me...
Elder Acosta! After about three months apart, we though it was time to
get back together. Haha nah but seriously it was like two transfers
ago I was with that guy haha.

This week has been amazing though! We got to teach Natalia a couple of
times this week! More specifically, we taught her the importance of
recognizing the spirit. She has expressed to us that she feels the
spirit when we are at her house, but when we leave it leaves with us.
We told her some of the ways that she can feel it on her own and how
when she is baptized she will be able to feel it all the time! It was
a really good lesson and she is making great progress towards baptism.

Fun Fact: Not a single new Spanish elder has entered the Oregon
Portland Mission since I got here. I am still the youngest Spanish
missionary in the mission and I will be hitting my year mark this
month! We were expecting some new ones to come in this transfer, but I
guess not. Crazy stuff! I hope you all have a great week! I love every
one of you!

Elder Navarro