Monday, August 15, 2016

#51 Arm

What's up.

We are doing well this week. Yes my arms are doing a lot better. I can
move them again. It only lasted for like three days. It just sucked
really bad for those three days. I don't know exactly what happened
but the nurse said I probably just pulled something and it would go
away in a couple days which it did. Elder Acosta failed his test
again. Haha I'm the worst teacher. He barely even made it out of the
dmv parking lot before they told him to come back. Haha

We didn't do a whole lot this week actually. We just did a lot of
tracting. We did run into Roxana and her kids. I don't know if you
remember Lupe and Jerry. Haha I took a video so I will send that. They
are doing really good though. They have been going to church which is
awesome. It was really nice to talk to them again.

We also did this service this week for some lady in the middle of
nowhere. She wanted help cleaning out this shed in her backyard. We do
stuff like this all the time but this time was a lot different because
this lady was just rude. She appreciated what we were doing but didn't
appreciate the way we were doing it. She would get mad because we
didn't do exactly what she said the first time. I eventually got sick
of it and told her that we love and want to help you but it is hard
when you are rude about it. Haha that shut her up. Then, she suddenly
became so grateful for what we were doing. It was pretty funny.

Nothing too crazy happened this week. Natalia didn't come to church
yesterday. She slept in. Ugh so annoying. Just wake up lady. She
really wants to learn but she just needs to start doing a little bit
more. We are going to have some real talk with her this week. Today we
are going to play volleyball with the zone... outside. It's way too
hot for that but whatever. Haha anyways, Love you and talk to you
later! :)

Elder Navarro

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