Monday, November 16, 2015


How are you doing? This week has been pretty crazy. Today is transfer
day and like all of our friends are getting transferred out. Elder Richardson is going
home and then Elder Thatcher is going to Hillsboro. Boo! .

Also, we dropped Vanessa and Salvador this week. It was pretty sad but
it had to be done. We went over the other night and they said they are
getting married, but Salvador doesn't want to get baptized anymore. We
tried to tell him why it's so important but he is really scared of the
commitment. We did all we could but that's just the way agency goes
sometimes. We are still going over to their apartment this weekend to
help paint their apartment.

We did volunteer at a 5k which was super fun. All we did was cheer for the
runners and tell cars that they couldn't go on the road. Some people
were not happy with that and started swearing but whatever. Haha.

Elder Navarro

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