Monday, November 23, 2015


Hello hello,

Yes! Happy Thanksgiving! How's it going? We do have plans for
thanksgiving. We are going to the Chandlers house with a few other
missionaries. It should be super fun!! We are all super excited for
the holidays.

Most of our investigators
have dropped us this week. So we aren't really teaching we are just
working on finding. It's terrible. The only solid investigator we have
is Irlinda. She wants to get baptized but she is living with her
husband/boyfriend. They have been together for like 23 years but they
aren't married. Her boyfriend just left for Peru for a minimum of six
months so we are hoping she can get baptized while he is gone.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that Elder Keith and I had to speak in
sacrament meeting yesterday. It was terrible. Our group leader called
and said that he forgot if he assigned anyone to speak so we just said
we would do it. I had no idea what I was even saying the whole time.
Haha I think it was good though

Anyways, if I don't have wifi later I hope you guys have a great
thanksgiving. Adios!

Elder Navarro

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