Thursday, September 10, 2015


It´s crazy to me to think that we are already into week 3 here at the CCM. Eveything is going pretty great here. The days are long, but the weeks are short.

We have been pretty busy this past week. We finished teaching our first investigator last week which was a really good experience. We have been upgraded to two investigators now which has been fun to prepare for. Our first investigator´s name is Ricardo. He is actually one of our morning teachers, so it has been pretty weird to be teaching him right after he gets done teaching us. It´s been really good though. We have really learned to find the needs of the investigator. We teach Lupita for the first time tonight. She is our night teacher. I´m pretty excited to do that.

We also had the opportunity to do TRC(Teach Recent Converts) yesterday which was a really good experience. It was scary though because there are cameras in the rooms that we teach them and our district gets to watch as we teach these people. The first lady we taught was named Jazmine. She has been a member of the church for three years now and wants to serve a mission except her madre doesn´t want her to go. I just shared how when Brandon left on his mission how much our family was blessed because of his willingness to serve the Lord. Then, we had her read a scripture and she just broke down into tears. It really hit me that we are really going to be changing people´s live´s on our missions. She pretty much spent the rest of the time thanking us for our service. It was really cool and uplifting.

All the elders in my district got a cool calling this week. We got the opportunity to be Usher´s at all the devotionals, videos, classes, and anything else that goes on in the auditorium. All we really do is greet people as they come in and out of the auditorium. We are pretty much famous here at the CCM now. Even the natives know who we are haha.

This weekend is going to be pretty great as well. The Mexico City temple is going to be dedicated this weekend. We get to watch a broadcast of the cultural celebration on Saturday night. Then on Sunday, we get to watch the broadcast of the dedication. Everyone is super excited to participate in it this weekend.

Anyways everything is going really great down her in Mexico City. Although, I do miss the States a lot. Mostly just for the food in the US. Other than that, I´m having a blast. This really is the work of the lord. Keep me updated! Love you all!

Elder Navarro
​This is our district with our morning teacher Hermano Palma AKA Ricardo AKA The most energetic hyper little guy ever AKA the Napolean of Mexico. He says he is going to take over the United States. haha

We also had the brilliant idea of making a mega bed in our room. It is probably the greatest idea we have ever had.

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