Monday, December 21, 2015


Hola! Feliz Navidad!

What's up? How is everything going? Is everyone excited for Christmas
this week? I know everyone here in the OPM is super excited. We have
had a pretty awesome week here. On Tuesday, we had the chance to go to
the temple! It was a lot of fun! The Portland Temple is definitely
very beautiful!

Then on Wednesday, we performed at the Temple Visitors Center. That
was an interesting experience. We only practiced for it twice and they
decided to change a bunch of stuff right before we performed. I don't
think any of us understood what was going on haha. It was still a lot
of fun! I enjoyed it a lot!

Then on Friday, we had our mission Christmas party! That was a lot of
fun! It was cool to have our whole mission in one place. There was a
talent show where a lot of different elders and sisters sang and
played instruments. Also, there was a devotional afterwards and that
was the best! Sister Ballard gave an amazing talk on Angels. She
talked about how we have angels watching over us on this side of the
veil and the other. Then President Ballard gave an awesome talk on
Christmas. He shared some of his Christmas experiences with Elder
Ballard when he was younger. He told us that when he was on his
mission in Japan and he got to call home on Christmas, he called Elder
Ballard and Elder Ballard said, "Good work! Keep working hard and we
love you." And then he hung up! That's all he said to him. Anyways, I
hope everyone has a great Christmas and remember why we celebrate!

Elder Navarro

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