Thursday, September 24, 2015


Hola familia y amigos!
Things are still going pretty great here in Mexico. We haven't really been doing a whole lot out of the ordinary. All we have been doing is studying and going to classes which is really good, but a lot of the people in my district are kind of getting tired of doing the same things everyday. We have been doing stuff to keep things interesting.
So here at the CCM there are 3 life size cardboard cutouts of Jesus. They used to sell them at the tienda, but only three remain now. This week, we finally got one of them. We have been trying to get one since day one here, but we have never been succesful in stealing one. The other night, we broke into four different houses until we finally found one. It is awesome! We now have it hidden in our house, but people know that we have it. Some districts have gotten into our house but we have it hidden too well. That has really kept this place fun and interesting for us.
Other than that, we have still been teaching Ricardo and Lupita. We are trying to prepare them both for baptism, but it is getting increasingly more difficult. We have gotten into lessons that we have never taught before like the law of chastity. That has been pretty fun to prepare for. I have really seen the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lessons. The Spirit really does guide you in everything. When the spirit is felt during a lesson, you know that you are not the one that is teaching.
We had to say goodbye to one of the district 15A which was in our zone and that was pretty sad. They were some of our best friends here. We always hung out with them, but it just makes me more excited for when it is time for us to leave. We are almost there. In two days, it will be a month since I have been out and in a little over a week until I head back to the states to serve the people in Oregon. I can't even express how excited I am for that. Anyways, I hope everyone is doing goo and I love you all!

Elder Navarro


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