Monday, October 12, 2015


Sounds like things are going really well down in Idaho.

Anyways, things are going pretty great here even though this week has been crazy. We haven't had too much time to teach a lot of lessons because we have had a lot of new missionary meetings and training stuff to do, but we did teach a little bit. Something that is really hard here is learning Spanish. We barely speak any Spanish at all. Since there are no Spanish districts or zones everything is combined with the English which makes it hard because all of our meetings and stuff are in English. We have only really taught one lesson that has been in only Spanish.

Not too many crazy things have happened here so far. I am still waiting to get my ipad though. I finished the online course on Thursday and I still haven't gotten it. Rumor has it though that I will get it today but I don't know. It has been kinda hard not to have it since pretty much everything is on them like our agenda, the area book, and everything else we could need.

The dinners have been awesome so far. The members really feed us good. We are in the Beaverton ward so we eat with white people which is nice but not nice for learning Spanish. In our ward there is just a Spanish group that meets in the relief society room. It is tiny! There are four missionaries that are part of the group and then yesterday there were like 7 or 8 other people in it. It was definitely a new experience. We are working on getting it bigger but the work is pretty hard here especially for us Spanish missionaries. It is really hard to find Hispanics around here. It is definitely a lot of fun though. The days go by way faster here than they did in the MTC. I think it is because we aren't sitting in classes all day everyday and we are actually doing something haha.

But things are really great here. I am really liking the area. Today we are going to downtown with some other missionaries to salt and straw ice cream. I have heard good things about it so I am pretty excited. Also, I am going on exchanges with our district leader, Elder Norris, on Wednesday which should be pretty fun. Im a little scared to teach the "mean" white people as people say, but it should be fun. When I get my ipad I will be able to email all day as long as I have wifi so if I get that sometime today, I will probably email again. Also I will be able to read emails throughout the week so don't be afraid to email if something cool happens. Well, I hope you guys have a good week this week. I love you and keep me updated. Time to go get a haircut!



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