Monday, March 7, 2016


How are you this fine March Monday? Everything is going pretty good
this week except our world pretty much fell apart. We visited Irlinda
and went over the baptismal interview to see if she was ready to get
baptized and all was good. She answered all the questions perfectly.
Then we tried to set a date with her to get baptized. She then told us
that she is moving this week to southeast Portland which is across the
willammete river which is outside of the mission!!! It sucks so bad.
We called the zone leaders to see if we could still baptize her
because she wouldn't be too far but they told us we just have to refer
her to the Vancouver missionaries. Boo! They suck. Just kidding. It
just sucks because there is nothing we can do.

Other than that, we have just been knocking on doors as usual. It's
been a lot of fun. We have been getting a lot of dinners lately now
that we are eating with the west hills Ward. They always do a good job
feeding us. The second half of the month we eat with a different Ward
and we don't get fed too often with them. It's ok though. It just
sucks at the end of the month because we have no money because we have
to buy dinners but it's okay.

Thank goodness the other elders got there car back. I was getting sick
of driving them everywhere. How is state basketball going? Who is
going to win? I want to go to costa vida so bad but as far as I know,
there aren't any in the mission. :(

But yeah that's about all I have to say this week. Love ya and have a
great week!

Elder Navarro

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