Monday, June 20, 2016

#43 Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day Daddio!

Hope Mom was your servant for the day! Haha just kidding. To be honest though, Yesterday was one of the saddest days of my life. I'm sure you can guess why. Im getting transferred :( and not only am I getting transferred but the area is getting shut down and the branch is getting shut down as well. They are going to tell all the members to go to their respective English wards. :(. Literally the worst! We also didn't get transfer news because of a meeting we had on Saturday which I will get to later but I am going to the Nike area with Elder Cepeda. I'm super excited to be with him but I am even more bummed to be leaving this area. 

I had my last dinner with the Pedersons last night at least for a little while. I am going to miss them SOOO much. Seriously I think they are my second favorite family next to our own. It was super sad. Oh well I guess. It has been great getting to know them. 

Anyways, I will make this email somewhat happy. We had a mission tour with Elder Nielson who is the head of the mission department for the church. It was super interesting to hear about a lot of the logistics of missions and missionaries. He gave some really good training for us. He talked a lot about success and how it should be measured as missionaries. It was super awesome!

Anyways, I'm glad everyone is getting ready to leave on their missions. Congrats on the new job! Hope you have another great week! Love you! Bye!

Elder Navarro

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