Monday, September 19, 2016


¿Que tal amigos?

Week one in the Tigard has been pretty sweet! It is really weird being in a branch right after being in a ward. I forgot how much everyone relies on the missionaries to do things. There was a baptism for someone's kids the other day and guess whose responsibility it was to fill the font. The missionaries. Whose responsibility is it to make the programs? The missionaries. And best of all, whose responsibility is it to clean up after the part? The missionaries! Wooo! I'm not trying to complain or anything. I actually love it! It's just a lot different coming from a ward. Haha

Also, there are quite a few members that already knew me before I got here. I get challenged to a game of one on one almost every day by some random member that heard from other missionaries that I am decent at basketball. I got so much trash talk yesterday at church from random kids saying they are better than me. Pretty soon we might be having a branch basketball tournament so I can shut everybody up! Just kidding! We will probably be playing a lot though. 

Anyways, have a fantastic week! Don't forget to have fun! Smile! And don't do anything too stupid! Bye! Love you guys!

Elder Navarro

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