Monday, October 3, 2016

The Judge

What's up?!

This week was a week full of exchanges! I can't stand my companion, so we just set up a bunch of exchanges! Just kidding that's not true. It was just a coincidence! They were two really fun exchanges though! The first one, I went with one of our zone leaders, Elder Dotson. He is a really cool guy! We had some fun tracting and eating at Qdoba. For the second exchange, I was in a trio with two of my old companions, Elder White and Elder Casanova! That was a crazy exchange haha. It was a lot of fun being with those two for a day!

Obviously, General Conference was this week as well, and it was amazing as usual! I think I have gained a real appreciation for a General Conference on my mission! It's really nice to be able to just sit down and listen to the prophet and apostles for a little while! It's not a lot that we get to do something like that! Something that I learned is that I need to repent haha. As does everybody else in the world! Repentance was one of the big themes of a General Conference! What a great blessing it is to be able to receive forgiveness whenever we need. We can literally repent everyday! And we should because we are all a little dumb sometimes! ;)

Anyways, I love you all! Apply what you learned at General Conference! Repent! Smile! Look at the joy in the world! Have a great week! :)

Elder Navarro

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