Monday, December 19, 2016

The Rain

Merry Christmas!

I have really been feeling the Christmas spirit this week! First off,
we had our mission Christmas party. It was a blast! I got to see a lot
of my mission buddies that I haven't seen for a little while. We also
had our branch Christmas party the next day. I have come to realize
that the Filipino and Hispanic cultures have a lot in common when it
comes to parties. They are both loud unorganized chaos. I love it. Oh
and lots of food as well. Can't forget the food. I really felt at home
with the branch party. :)

Actively participating in the Light the World campaign has really
brought me closer to my Savior. By trying to replicate many things
that he did in his life, I have been able to feel of the saviors love.
It is something that I think everyone should feel around Christmas
time. If you have been following the advent calendar on, I
hope it is something that you have sought and felt as well. If not,
it's not too late to start! ;)

I love you all! Enjoy the time that you get to spend with family this
week! Have a merry Christmas! Be like Christ this Christmas!

Elder Navarro

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