Monday, March 20, 2017


Hey hey!

I am doing really well! This week has been fantastic! As you already
know, Elder Ballard came and it was amazing! I think this was my
favorite out of all the times that he has came. He told us some really
interesting stories. Something really cool is that he keeps a picture
of Christ in his scriptures and every time things get hard for him, he
looks at it and says "Gethsemane was hard." He shared some other
stories that I will tell you sometime. Elder Ballard is such a cool
guy. It's been really cool to meet him a few times now. It never gets
old. It's kinda sad because this was probably his last time coming to
this mission because President Ballard leaves in two transfers.

And yes, I also had an interview with President Ballard. We basically
just talked about what he wants to do with all the Spanish
missionaries. We had a discussion on some of the things he could do
with us and how effective it would all be. There is a really good
chance that we get rid of the "Spanish Training Leader" position
because it's pretty useless anyways. There is a chance as well that we
all get put in companionships with English missionaries, but that is a
little less likely. We will see what happens though.

Also, we finally were able to contact Juan yesterday. It was like the
saddest phone call ever. He basically told us that he appreciates all
we have done for him, but he is good where he is at. It was like
saying goodbye to a friend. It was terrible. But it's okay because I'm
sure he will come to realize what he is missing and seek us out again.

To answer your questions, no I didn't find anyone to room with me. I
would say just go for it and we will see what happens. And no, I have
not had any time to do any orientations stuff and I do not know if I
will have any time.

Anyways, this week will be another busy one. We have two more
exchanges to go on this week. We also have zone conference. It's
crazy. This is easily the busiest transfer I have ever had. Usually
it's hard to stay busy but now it's hard to find time. I love it
though. It's so fun! It sounds like you had a fun week as well. I hope
you have another great week. Enjoy march madness. It might be time to
go to Buffalo Wild Wings again. ;)

Elder Navarro

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