Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Weekend


Being in a trio is craaazzzy! It's the weirdest thing. I'm not used to
having two other people around me all the time. I got shafted and have
to sit in the back of the car. It's kinda nice now, though, because I
can just sleep;) I've had a lot of deja vu driving around Molalla all
day everyday. It's the weirdest thing. I never ever imagined that I
would be coming back here. A lot more people than I thought have
actually recognized me. It's just weird to say "oh, yeah! I ate at
your house over a year ago and now I'm back."

The work is actually going really well. I knew I would like it because
we can teach English people and Spanish. It's sooooo nice. We aren't
referring everyone we find. We actually have some really solid
investigators. Most of the people we are teaching are actually part
member families.

Yesterday, we were out just contacting a few people, and we started to
hear Mexican music really loud. Obviously, we had to find where it was
coming from. Well, it led is to the most Mexicans I have ever seen in
one place in my entire Mexican. There was this concert that was going
on, and there were over 4000 Mexicans there. We wanted to go in, but
it $50 to get in. It was amazing!

Anyways, we are going to play ball at the Pederson's. It should be
fun. We actually went to eat dinner with them earlier this week! I'm
glad to hear everything is going well with you guys! Have a great
week! Don't do anything dumb! ;)

Elder Navarro

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