Monday, June 26, 2017



So this week has been really interesting actually. Last Monday, we
played soccer as I'm sure you know. Well, Elder Kreitel kicked another
guys foot and split his toe open. He ended up having to go to the
hospital to get 8 stitches on his toe haha. He has been pretty
restricted on how much he can walk around, so we haven't been able to
do too much. It has been a pretty good week nonetheless.

Transfers are today, but not too much is happening to me. Elder
Kreitel is going home, and Elder Miller and I are just staying in the
area. Woohoo! I get to finish my mission in Molalla! It's going to be
blast. I can't believe I am going into my last transfer. We had our
last zone conference with President Ballard. It was a lot of fun! It
was weird saying goodbye to him. The new President gets here on
Saturday whose name President Bullen.

As you saw, we got to go to the Molalla Buckeroo kickoff party which
was like an amateur rodeo. It was cool for the first little while, and
then I remembered how boring and lame they are. Next week, we are
going to the actual Buckeroo which is like one of the biggest rodeos
in America. That one should be a lot better. I hope.

Well, I'm glad I only have to write these dumb emails six more times
;) It's going to be a fun last seven weeks! Talk to you all later!

Elder Navarro

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