Monday, July 17, 2017



How's it going? I'm doing great! This week has been a fantastically
fun week! We decided that we want to be outside more in order to be
able to talk to more people. Well, we borrowed these bikes from a
member, and it all started out great! The weather was great! We were
talking to a lot of people. Then, out of nowhere my front wheel falls
off, and I went right over the handlebars. Luckily, I didn't get hurt
or anything, but I took a good roll. Then, later my back wheel falls
off as well, and I fell again. It's all good now! I have fixed it all.
Hopefully, it doesn't happen again haha

Another interesting thing that happened this week is we met this guy
that is teaching us the trumpet. He is a very interesting person. I
invited him to come to church and he said the only condition was that
Elder Miller had to slap me in the face. It was a weird deal, but I
accepted. It is so worth it. Unfortunately, he ended up having to work
on Sunday, so he couldn't come to church. On the bright side, I didn't
have to get slapped.

Anyways, that is the fun stuff that happened this week! I love you
all! Have a great week!! :)

Elder Navarro

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