Monday, April 4, 2016

#32 Trees


I am now in Molalla and what a fantastic place it is! It is a lot
different than Portland, but it is still great. It is kind of nice to
get out of the city. The work here is also pretty good. We have a few
pretty solid investigators, but what really stands out to me are the
members. All of the members are so nice and loving. I just love being
around them all. We get some awesome referrals from members because
they are so great. It seems like all the members here just have a fire
to share the gospel.

Our apartment flooded this week haha! We are on our way home one night
and our apartment manager calls us and says our apartment flooded.
Apparently, there was a problem with the apartment above ours, so
water flowed down into our apartment. They turned off our water for a
couple of days, so we had to shower in another apartment. At first it
was terrible but then It made me think of people that are serving in
other countries like the Philippines or something who can't even
shower like we do. Ha sucks for them. Just kidding! I'm sure it is a
wonderful experience. Ha

We have done a lot of tracting this week since our teaching pool isn't
very big. I have probably done more tracting this week along than I
have my whole mission. It is good though because I actually kind of
like it. I love being able to meet so many new people. Even if they
are not interested in the Gospel, they are still Gods children. I have
learned that is more important to just show people Christlike love
even if the people don't want to have anything to do with us. I do
have faith that as we show that love to people, their hearts will be
softened. I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all! Bye!

Elder Navarro

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