Monday, April 11, 2016

#33 Conference

What's up? This week has been really awesome! Well, really just
Saturday was awesome because Elder Ballard came and spoke to us! It
was sooooooo cool! I think one of my favorite parts was to see him in
more of just a family setting. Seeing his interaction with President
Ballard and all of his grandkids was the coolest thing. His talk he
gave was also really good! He talked a lot about how important our
work is and how because of Lucifer, there are people dying spiritually
that need us. It was the best thing ever. We also got to shake his
hand which was crazy!!! Being that close to an apostle was so
exhilarating. Also, he made sure to tell our parents that they love
them. So the apostles love you apparently.

The new area is actually struggling. We have had a really hard time
finding people. All we do is tract. They just rearranged the Stake Presidency which
wasn't too interesting since I don't know anyone anyways.

The weather this past week has been really nice. It got up to 80 last
week. It was so hot! It kinda sucked actually. It has started to cool
off again though. Other than that, we went to President Martinez the
other day and guess what we played? The water game! It was sooo fun! I
got splashed a bunch! Then, Presidente Martinez poured the whole
pitcher of water and me and told me that I was now baptized into the
branch! It was hilarious! They are a super cool family. Anyways, I
love you guys and so does Elder Ballard! Talk to you later!

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