Monday, May 9, 2016

#37 Not Today!


Another transfer is completed. Luckily, I'm staying in Molalla. The
only difference is that they are combining a couple of areas which
means I now cover Oregon City as well as Molalla. That also means I
had to pack yesterday which I did not anticipate having to do. I am
moving apartments not too far down the road. I am excited to have a
new area to work in while also being able to work in Molalla. It
should be really interesting.

Anyways, Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing moms out there! We had a
branch lunch yesterday for Mother's Day which was super fun! I have
had so much carne asada these last few days which is awesome because
it's the best food ever. Other than that, I'm excited to take on some
new challenges in a new area with a new companion. I hope you all
enjoy the week and do something cool this week!

Elder Navarro

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