Monday, November 21, 2016

City Lights

Happy Thanksgiving!

Something that I am super grateful is the temple! This week we were
able to attend the temple. We have been having a pretty hard time
finding people to teach these past couple weeks, so it was the perfect
time to go to the temple. It's crazy to me just how much peace that
can be found in the temples. No matter how much stress or craziness
there is in our lives, the temple is a place we can go to forget the
world and focus on the good of the world.

I'm also grateful for nice people! This week we were at the crosswalk,
and we start talking to this 18 year old girl. She was nice and
actually wanted to go to church. Then, out of nowhere, her dad pulls
up and starts swearing and yelling at us. I couldn't help but just
smile the whole time thinking about how stupid this guy is.
Eventually, he just picked up his daughter and left, but it was a
funny experience. It makes me grateful for the people that are nice to
us even if they are not interested in our message.

I would also like to give thanks to all of you! I get a lot of support
from you all, and I wouldn't be able to any of this without your help
so thanks you! Enjoy all the food that you will consume! Don't forget
to thank Heavenly Father for everything he has given us because he has
given us a lot. I love you all! :)

Elder Navarro

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