Monday, November 7, 2016

No Good Deed


The highlight of this week was definitely that extra hour of sleep we
got! Haha That doesn't happen too much on the mission. It was
seriously the best thing ever! The only downside is that it gets
darker a lot earlier which means people get mad when you knock on
their door at 6 o'clock saying "it's too late!" People say the
funniest things!

This week has been great though! We taught an English class at a
tienda! A legit Mexican store! Well, we were going to teach an English
class at a tienda, but the only problem was that no one showed up.
Haha We are going to keep trying though until people show up. There
should be some more people that come this week. We have invited
everyone in Tigard that even has a slightly dark skin tone. ;)

Anyways, I hope you all have a great week! Have I ever told you guys
that you are the coolest people in the world for reading my emails?
Well, you are! ;)  Haha I love you all! Bye!

Elder Navarro

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